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Having a strong roof over your head is considered a major blessing. Fortunately, our business specializes in providing top-notch roofing services in all of Moreno

Valley and throughout California’s Inland Empire. Whether you need us to put in new roofs or if your roof needs repairs or if you only want a roof inspection done, we are here for you.

Roofs are such an integral part of any house, building, and are known to be the protective foundation of starting a happy home. With a high-quality roof, your house can impart a luxurious look to any outsider. The purpose of roofs is not limited to show only.  

Instead, roofs protect the house’s interior from a variety of things, such as dirt, snow, rain, wind, cold, direct UV sunlight, etc. They also help keep the warmth inside during winters and keeps cool, air-conditioned air inside as well during the hot months of summer. A solid roof will allow your HVAC system to run and work better and eventually save you a ton of money on energy bills. Hence, the benefits of having a strong roof on your house are numerous.  

Moreno Valley is known to have a mild semi-arid climate. The temperatures during summers can go above 100F quite easily, especially during August, with the highest temperature ever recorded was 118F in July 2018. December is the coldest month and has temperature readings as low as 22F with maximum precipitation. Therefore, with such drastic temperature variations, sturdy roofs are a must to protect the people living in the houses.

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When you look at any building externally, all you see is a simple roof. What people fail to realize is that it takes a lot of technical processes to construct and maintain a roof. Roof systems include a diverse range of components. The covering of the roof is composed of shingles, tiles, metals, or slates that serves to protect the sheathing from weather hazards. The structure of the roof requires the construction of rafters and trusses to provide strong support to the sheathing.  

The sheathing is composed of a sheet of boards that serve as a cover of the building. Sheet metal is also placed into the roof’s joints to avoid the seepage of water during rain or snow. The drainage system is also a vital part of any roof which helps prevent buildup on the water on top of the roof during rainy days. This drainage could be achieved by appropriate, smart designing of the roof. For example, a sharp slope of the roof will serve as a natural design for the water to shed off of the roof.  

All these aspects, including the ideal material necessary to construct a roof, are to be taken into account while installing a new roof or repairing or replacing an old one. This is true for residential and commercial roofing. Over time, with the massive exposure to weather bumps, dust, mold, wind, UV radiation from the sun, the roof of any house also wears down. This is why roof maintenance and upkeep are quite important factors that need to be addressed regularly to prolong the longevity of any roof.  

Our company focuses on providing supreme standard services to all residents of Moreno Valley and the Inland Empire, CA.  We can install new roofs as per your preference or replace old broken ones. If you need simple roofing inspections, we can happily manage that and also take care of necessary repairs in your roofing system. Let us take a look at our services in detail: 

1.New Roofs: 

When you are in the process of choosing the ideal roof system for your house or building, you have to consider architectural styles, costs, durability, material, color schemes, etc. Choosing the right kind of shingles material is also important. We highly recommend asphalt shingles as they are fire-resistant and are made of either cellulose fiber or fiberglass with asphalt. These are highly popular nowadays.  


Other shingles are wooden, primarily southern pine, cedar, or redwood. They give a classic, natural look and bring a warm, homey feeling to any house. However, unless factory-treated to be fire-resistant, these are not preferred as much. Coming on to tiles, it is smart to choose either concrete or clay tiles as these are quite durable and can be molded to create unique looks.  


Slates are also used in many roofs as they provide additional support. However, fitting and applying slates requires particular skills that only trained people can manage. Luckily, we have experts at our company who can take good care of this. Metal is also quite commonly used in roofing systems, such as metal shingles due to their lightweight, fire-resistant qualities.  


All the components needed to build the perfect roof require experts who possess the right, thorough knowledge to install a roof. Our business has such professionals who can guide you regarding the best material for your roof which will be well-suited for your taste and needs. We ensure to take care of all the ventilation and insulation aspects of your ideal roof as our roofing personnel knows what every roof needs.  

2. Roof Replacement: 

With gradual wear and tear over the years, roofs are prone to get damaged excessively by many factors like the UV rays from the sun, rain, wind, snow, ice, moss, algae, leaves, trees, etc. Moist wood shingles are vulnerable to the growth of moss and algae leading to rotting and staining of the roof structure. This is especially true of large commercial structures.


The roofs tend to deteriorate with time and there may come a time when you need to completely replace your roof as it reaches a stage beyond repair. Local building codes allow for a maximum of two roof coverings on any building. In case you only have one roof, another layer can be added. If you want to completely change your entire roof, our team of professionals can also take that burden off your shoulders.

Roof replacement is a long, technical process. It starts by applying tarps and plywood to protect your property while roofing replacement is conducted. This is followed by the removal of all old shingles at first. The exposed wooden decking is thoroughly inspected and if any parts of the wood are damaged or rotten, they have to be immediately replaced. The wooden decking forms the base for your roof; therefore, it needs to be as solid and durable as possible.  


Once the wooden decking is ready and properly re-nailed to the roof rafters, we add drip edges to all the edges of the roof, followed by an ice and water shield installation to prevent water leaks. Covering this is the roofing felt which serves the purpose of keeping the shingles from sticking to the wood. This marks the completion of the base. Now we start laying down the new roofing material. The trick is to work from the bottom up, as this method provides the best results. 


Ending the procedure with a cleanup of the site and a final inspection of the new roof is mandatory. Once we are fully satisfied that the new roof is in perfect shape, then we hand it over to you. The process is quite exhausting and needs perfection, something that uncertified people cannot manage on their own. This is why we are in business to help replace your old roofs as per your expectations.  


3.Roof Repairs and Maintenance: 

Maintenance of roofs is not as easy as it seems. Some parts can be handled by the building’s residents, such as cleaning the debris off the roof or getting rid of the clogs in the drains. If such clogged drains are not regularly checked and cleaned, the roof can collapse due to ponding water. It is important for the resident or office manager to check their roof regularly, whether it's a residential or commercial structure.


The rest of the repairs in the structure of the roof are best left to professionals with adequate knowledge and capabilities. We recommend at least two annual maintenance and repair visits for every roof. This can marvelously increase the roof’s lifespan.  


At our company, not only do we have highly trained staff who can repair or fix any roof, but also the right equipment and tools necessary for the job. We have high-quality tools that can serve various, different purposes and our personnel are trained excessively regarding all tools and processes. This is why, it is always a smart idea to bring professionals in to do the roof repairs, instead of attempting it yourself and ultimately causing further damage.  


Damage to the roof can be in many forms. It could be loosened shingles and nails, or damage due to hail or ice or snow. Either your previous roof installation was faulty, and you may have recently found significant leaks in your roof. Leakages are the most commonly seen problems in roofs.  Waterlogged, broken, missing tiles can also be the root of the problem. Hence, it is advised to let the professionals perform a detailed inspection and manage all the repair work.  

4. Waterproofing: 

Roofs experience a great deal of water annually in the form of rain, snow, and ice. Hence, it is imperative to make the roof water-resistant, so that the water flows off the roof and does not seep into the roof structure as that could potentially damage its foundation. With waterproofing, the growth of mold, mildew, and algae can be significantly reduced too.  


Waterproofing is performed in a few basic steps. The first step is to clean the substrate via pressure washing. This also makes any prior damages visible which should be repaired initially before waterproofing the roof. This is followed by priming the roof’s surface to enhance adhesion. Next is the treatment of all details such as the exterior and interior corners, metal flashings, pipes, drains, vents, etc. These are pre-treated with a sealant.  


After this, the liquid membrane is applied onto the roof in two or more successive layers. The thickness of the membrane needs to be perfect if the desired effect is to be achieved. This is one of the most important parts of waterproofing a roof and special attention is required for all details for a successful outcome.  


Our business is composed of the right people who can waterproof your roof and make it even more durable and weather resistant. The coating usually lasts for 5 to 10 years if the job is done right and premium quality materials are used. All of these standards are met by our team of professionals every time.  


5. Inspection 

Regular inspections are always a good idea for any roof. Your home’s roof can suffer greatly from the effects of unfavorable weather conditions and may also have damages that you may be unaware of. Laymen can't be able to recognize issues in a roof as they do not possess the sufficient knowledge needed for managing roofing systems.  


Inspections are important as these can catch problems before they become unrepairable. Cracked, curled, broken, loosened shingles or tiles, rusty metal parts, stained walls and exterior, excessive buildup of algae or mold, damaged vents or drains, loose gutters, injured decking are all the arising problems with any roof. All of this can be identified on inspection easily.  


Our roofing company offers thorough, detailed, and ample roof inspection services for your roofs. We understand how vital a stable, durable roof is and how it needs proper checks and balances. We are one call away only. Our team of roofing contractor professionals will perform rigorous checks and take care of all the meticulous details without you having to worry at all.  

Why Choose Us

From the installation of a new roof to repairing an old one, from the replacement of a broken roof to waterproofing and inspecting it, we have you covered. The roof of a house is such an essential element that brings together the whole house and makes it complete. Hence, we understand how necessary it is to have a well-built, secure, and long-lasting roof.

Our team of professionals are highly trained and certified at installing, replacing, repairing, and waterproofing roofs in all of Moreno Valley and California’s Inland Empire. They are provided with the best equipment to handle any kind of a mess. If you feel like there may be something wrong with your roof, we offer full-proof inspections to take care of any necessary repairs or replacements. As long as you have a strong roof over your head, you and your family will always feel safe and protected.  



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